Do you need help?

Are you pregnant and have no place to live? Are you looking for a safe and stable home for you and your baby? Are you willing to to commit to a program designed to help you gain the skills to become self reliant? 

Precious Life is an emergency, transitional and single parent efficiency program providing a safe environment for pregnant women with no place to live.

Precious life is committed to creating family values in a loving, caring and safe environment. Our program is life changing if you are ready to make that change! Our program will give you the opportunity to be a mother to your child while becoming independent.   

Who is eligible?

• Pregnant women age 18 and over.

• Women must agree to be sober or off drugs at intake.

• Women who are motivated to be committed to a structured program.

Process for entering program:

• All clients enter through the emergency phase of program

• Beds are available on a first- come, first- served basis.

• Intakes are Mon - Fri 10:00am to 2:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am to 1:00pm

• Clients or referring agencies call to see if there is an opening.

• A phone interview is completed.

Our Emergency Program is a one to thirty day stay that provides housing, food and immediate necessities on a first-come, first-serve basis. Women can come into the program at any time during her pregnancy. Must be over the age of 18, have a current Identification Card and a signed proof of pregnancy with due date listed. Women are required to apply for MediCal (if they have no insurance) so they will be able to obtain prenatal care for themselves and their unborn child. Resident is required to work, may attend school part-time or volunteer (35 hours minimum required). Must attend Health/Education classes and meet regularly with Case Manager. Upon completion of immediate requirements, resident may apply for the next phase, Transitional Program, as space is available.

Our Transitional Program can be a two to six month stay after birth of child. Resident is responsible for a monthly program fee, one-time refundable deposit, and most of her food expense. Food Stamps and the WIC voucher program assist the woman with her food expenses. The shelter also provides the resident with donated food items, as available. Resident prepares her own meals, sharing the responsibilities of house upkeep, while she is learning independent living skills and continuing her employment, in job training or school. Must meet regularly with Case Manager, Mentor, attend Health/Education classes. Co-dependency / 12-step Program or Perinatal Program, as required. Licensed on-site childcare is available for working mothers as available.

Our Single Parent Efficiency Program can be up to a 24 month stay after birth of child. Resident is responsible for a monthly program fee, plus a one-time refundable deposit, food and some utilities, enabling resident to work toward self-reliance while still having a structured support system. Resident must maintain full time employment, school, or job training program. Resident will continue with case management, mentoring, and 12 Step or Perinatal Program, monthly budget review and parenting programs. Licensed on-site infant care available for working mothers, as available.

Women who have had their baby with us and have other children under the age of 10, may be able to begin a reunification program if approved by Executive Director. Reunification is handled case by case. Mother must meet specific program, court and social services requirements in order to move toward family reunification.


If you meet the requirements and feel like this program is something that you can commit to, call us at 562-431-5025.