Single Parent Efficiency



  • Program up to 24 months after the baby is born
  • Deposit(one time, refundable)
  • Low cost monthly program fee
  • Provides own food and some utilities
  • Must work full time, may attend part time school
  • Case management to move toward independent living
  • Continued 12-Step or Perinatal Program
  • Mentor program (required)
  • Health and education class
  • Parenting/Anger Management Program
  • Licensed on-site infant care available for working mothers, as available

The Single Parent Efficiency Program offers the woman and her child low cost living with comprehensive supportive services while she ccompletes her goals in education/job training and works to move into her own housing. Parenting program and life skills education is required to strengthen the woman to be on her own. Independent living skills are honed to help the her know that she can succeed. Reunification may be possible.  Self reliance is stressed as she will soon be on her own as a single parent.