Applicant must provide upon entrance:

  • Valid ID and written proof of pregnancy with due date


  • Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid I.D.
  • Must be pregnant and be able to provide physician-signed proof of pregnancy with a due date.
  • Must be committed to a sober life as a resident: PLS is a drug/alcohol free program, and is NOT a rehabilitation agency.

We provide:

  • 1- 30 nights lodging
  • No cost
  • Home-like setting
  • Communal living
  • Personal Necessities (if needed)
  • Mom's bag with baby layette (provided throughout pregnancy and after birth)
  • Baby items (car seat, stroller, etc.)
  • Counseling
  • Case management (required)
  • Referrals (if needed)
  • Birth Coach (if needed)
  • Transportation (bus tickets) 
  • 24 hour staff on premises

Our emergency program is a short term program where the women are expected to complete immediate requirements to become stabilized. These requirements include being tested for turberculosis (TB), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Many of the women entering our program have been on the streets for months and come to us with only the clothes on their backs with no form of income or insurance. We require the women to apply for MediCal (if they have no insurance) so they will be able to to obtain prenatal care for themselves and their unborn child. It is also advised that they apply for financial assistance (TANF), if they are not currently working. Our main goal is to provide the women with all the educational and job resources we have available to them to help them to become self reliant individuals.Through experience we are aware that many of these women have not had the education or training to present themselves in the job market. A major objective will be to help them network to find employment. Many have not completed their education so having them get into a continuation program is highly recommended. They may also participate in a job training program. Applying for WIC (Women Infant Children)offers assistance with food costs.