Your donation makes a difference in someone's life!

Your donation makes a difference in someone's life!

PLS regards every donation as an expression of your desire to make a difference and to help ensure better futures for the 100+ women who come to us every year. By contributing, whether through financial support or charitable donations of goods, you make it possible for us to offer safety, shelter, necessities, counseling, and a multitude of resources to our clients. We cannot fully express just how much your contribution means to the women and children at Precious Life Shelter.

Donate certificates, gift cards, event passes, services, and other items to be used in our silent auctions at fundraising events.

Donate specific items that are always in demand at a maternity shelter. These items could include diapers, receiving blankets, nipples (small/large), wipes, maternity underwear size 6-10, maternity bras, socks, slippers, hygiene items like brushes and tampons, prepaid phone cards with no expiration date, gift cards for resident’s use when shopping for interview outfits, and anything else an expectant or new mom might need.

Donate a car! Do you have a car just sitting there that needs a home? It is that extra vehicle that could make a HUGE IMPACT. Consider donating a car to a resident in the third stage of our program. These women have had their babies, are working full time, attend regular educational and health-related classes on site, and participate in an intense budgeting program in order to save for school or an apartment of their own. Some of the women are in college as well! As great at multi-tasking as they have learned to be in this program, many of these women find themselves missing their children’s special moments because they spend hours on public transportation to get to and from work, the grocery store, school, etc. Simply cutting down on travel time could positively change their lives drastically. Considering how far they’ve come by the time these clients move into the third stage of PLS, we can only imagine the amazing things they would accomplish if they had more time in their day.
Precious Life Shelter is a 501 (c) 3 private, non-profit agency.

Our Federal Tax ID number is 51-0187577.

Donations made to Precious Life Shelter are considered to be tax deductible on your itemized tax return.

Itemized receipts are issued for every donation. It is the responsibility of the contributing party to determine and claim the fair market value of “in-kind” donations.

Automobile Donation Program – Automobile donations can be made by calling the shelter. Specify your wish to donate an automobile to benefit Precious Life Shelter. We will issue a receipt, smog and/or repair it as needed, sell the vehicle, and issue all the necessary receipts.

Monetary donations can also be made.