Child Care



Childcare-one word is what we use at PLS

Childcare services are available to clients in residence who are job searching, working, or attending approved school programs. Certified teachers staff this facility licensed by the State of California. Our childcare is NOT open to the public.

Our Philosophy:

Our values at Precious Life Shelter’s Infant Care Facility include high standards, quality childcare services, and creative children’s programs. We provide a learning environment that meets the developmental needs of infants and children up to the age of two. Programs work to enhance parent-child interaction while promoting peace of mind to mothers who need assistance while they work. Ongoing teacher training programs are required so that teachers become skilled in all areas of childhood education and are up to date on the latest teaching techniques.

Our Goals:

While the first goals in our childcare are to ensure the safety and health of participating children, our teachers work to build upon these basics in order to enhance the five major areas of childhood learning. Through a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, cognitive skills, social skills, language development, physical development, and emotional development are all enhanced in a responsive, nurturing environment.

Childcare and after-hours babysitting volunteers are always needed.