Cooking with Carol- Healthy Frying

Healthy Frying

Contributed by Carol McCoy

 I have a very healthy hint for you to be able to make some of the things that we all love. It’s called “faux frying”. Rocco Dispirito developed this way of frying that you won’t need to use a deep fryer or fry pan. This is what he had to say about his old way of frying. “I would heat up a cooking vessel, then add oil, butter, or bacon fat to it, let the fat get hot, and then add the ingredients. Needless to say, that method is not applied to the kind of cooking in this book (Now Eat This). In these recipes, the method is to get the pan very hot and I mean very hot. The pan is then sprayed with cooking spray, followed immediately by the ingredients that are to be cooked. This method spares you countless calories, and in most cases, the results are nearly identical. Where they’re not, I’ve made other adjustments to achieve the same level of deliciousness. When choosing cookware, go for porcelain-coated cast-iron or nonstick-coated cast iron, or heavy stainless steel. Anything else will not give you the results you are looking for”.  It’s worth a try.