Get Active!

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done” -Nelson Mandela

A new year is typically seen as the time of new beginnings. Many resolutions are made and a common one is to improve one’s health through a new fitness routine. We typically start off very motivated by a specific goal such as building muscle, getting stronger or losing weight. As life gets busy, however, we may find ourselves facing many obstacles that block us from accomplishing this goal.

In my personal life, fitness plays a very important role. I once faced a time where achieving my fitness goal seemed impossible. The everyday challenges in life pushed this goal further and further away until one day I decided I would no longer allow keeping myself from what I wanted. I made changes and sacrifices and today I stand in a place of feeling accomplished. Nelson Mandela’s words couldn’t have resonated with me more as I am no longer living in the impossible.


As the Precious Life Infant Care Center Director, I have been truly blessed being able to serve the little ones to the best of my ability but I wanted to bring more to the shelter. Given the busy nature of the Shelter and all the programs we are running, it is hard to implement an ongoing fitness program.  We have attempted to create a Walking Club for the residents to encourage them to get out with their little ones around the neighborhood. Last summer, the Infant Care Center also celebrated “Fit Fridays” on a weekly basis to promote healthy activity with the babies in our care by going out on walks with them.


I encourage each of you to find some way to get active. Do it alone or with family/friends. Join a gym or walk around your neighborhood or local park. There is not just one way to get active! Just get out there and get moving!


Give The Gift of Dignity

Our very own Executive Director, Theresa Murphy was featured in this blog by HomeAid Orange County about bringing awareness to the importance of giving to others in need. Precious Life Shelter would not be where it is today without the support of all our wonderful donors and volunteers. If you would like to donate to help our mothers and babies, please visit our Donate Today page.

Can you imagine what it would be like not to have clean socks, underwear or a clean shirt? It seems like most people have items in their closets that have not been taken off the hanger for months or longer.